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Uncle Oliver and Begin

しゅうこが見つけてきたBegin Meets Keali'i Reichelのvideoです。

Napualikoの何人かもUncle OliverのAhupua'aにいきましたね!Beginのメンバーが歩いているはしのしたの小池でそのままのかっこでおよいだの!おぼえてますか??

Hula Coup!


Know the Meaning of Your Mele!

皆様、まいにち練習いっぱいしてがんばってますね!すごくうまくなっていくのをみてとってもうれしいです!踊る曲の意味もしっかりわかってくださいね!まず一番参加者が多かったHawaii CAlls Hapa Haole Medleyの曲をブログにのせます!
Kau’i Kukona-Pacheco Brehm / Kano’eau Dance Academy Workshop for Na Pua Liko Wai Ho’ola 2010

Hapa Haole Medley
( Hawaiian Souvenirs by Johnny Noble
Straight From Hawaii To You by Lani Sang
Hawaii Calls by Harry Owens )

I'll weave a lei, a beautiful lei for you
To greet you the Hawaiian way
Straight from Hawaii to you

I'll take my heart and blend it into this lei
My message of flowers to you
Aloha wau ia ‘oe

Hawai`i calls, with a melody of love, dear
Across the sea as evening falls
The surf is booming on the sand
at Waikiki tonight

And how I wish that you were
Strolling hand in hand with me tonight
Hawai`i calls, with a message of aloha
To you sweetheart wherever you are

And now I give, with heavenly bliss this lei
To you with a warm gentle kiss
Straight from Hawaii to you

Reminding you to dream awhile
Of happy days we knew

Hawai`i calls and my heart's calling too


Haruno goes to Middle School!